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We have a mission: We combine the most modern technologies with beautiful design to create business software that is loved by its users!


Enterprise Social Network

Coyo is the enterprise social network, that lets you and your colleagues work better together! It is the perfect combination of a classical intranet with a modern social network!

Modern Communication Less emails and a consistent communication platform for your business.
Improved Collaboration Coyo improves collaboration by allowing a project- or topic-based exchange of information, knowledge and files.
Social Intranet With Coyo you get a modern intranet with active and involved users.
Connected Business The intelligent connection of people and content keeps you and your colleagues informed about news and project progress.

Individual Business Software

Our business unit mindsmash Individual is specialized on the creation of custom business software. However, we do not only see us as a sole technology provider. We are a partner for our clients when it comes to implementing digital processes.

Technology meets Design Our solutions combine technology, usability and design.
Process Analysis & Concept The analysis of existing processes is the basis for our value-oriented solutions.
Web-Software Development Our web-software is based on the most modern technologies - both in the frontend and in the backend.
Support & Reporting Custom service-level-agreements and reporting safeguard the system operation and allow for a continuous improvement process.

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Coyo4: Wir nähern uns dem Ziel

Coyo4 Beta startet am Montag!

Da cookste! Uniper´s Go Live mit 10.000 Usern!


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